Is there any way to minimize the effect of Manglik dosh after marriage?

India, a subculture greater than a rustic with some of ideals and superstitions. even as some beliefs have roots with medical reasons and factors, however, can be taken into consideration as rootless to some extent. allow us to take an instance, i’m certain every person has simply heard about the Manglik dosh, a dosh that can not be seen but can most effective be felt. as an instance, if a woman who’s Manglik marries a non Manglik guy then the spouse will die within the short span of time after marriage. means as in step with the astrology, God’s planning for this individual will fail because he is going to die at an early age.

That is a loopy but bizarre way of life in India and this is the cause all people seeks astrological consultancy for marriage. moreover, many ladies and men are involved due to the fact they can not marry to anybody who does now not have the manglik dosh. postpone in marriage haunts the majority. As per the Vedic astrology, this dosh is taken into consideration because the serious astrological drawback for marriage. it is able to affect individual’s whole existence and may deliver misfortune after marriage. And misfortune is the reason, no longer demise that humans are afraid of marrying someone with maglik dosh. it’s also called Bhom dosh, kuja dosh, and Angrakha dosh.

How to discover Manglik Dosh in Kundli?

on the time of birth of a person, every planet has a distinctive region is a galaxy and the vicinity of those planets defines our future or present and our karma. As consistent with the astrology, whilst the planet Mars or Mangal is located in the 12th, 8th, 4th, 7th, 2d, and 1st house of the person’s birth chart then it’s far mangal dosh. approach placement of Mars planet in these 6 houses out of 12 houses can reason this dosh. a few astrologers additionally endorse that if planet Mars is gift in the 2d house of the delivery chart then that is partial dosh. almost 50% of the people have this dosh of their delivery chart.

The recent case was visible in Aishwarya Rai’s marriage with Abhishek Bachchan, both are Bollywood actors. In this example, the actress has to get married to the tree (fortunate Fella) earlier than getting married to her fiancé Abhishek Bachchan to overcome the Magal Dosh’s sick effect.

Misconceptions of Mangal Dosh

A person is Manglik if there may be a bad effect of Mars planet on their horoscope. This have an effect on is greater while talking about marriage due to the fact it is a maximum important element to consider on the time of matching the beginning chart. a person’s delivery chart have to be checked earlier than finalizing the wedding as it has various misconceptions related to it. the largest fear is the demise of a partner if a partner is stricken by Manglik dosh. but, it does no longer appear in each case, it takes place due to the have an impact on of other planets. If Mars planet is present in its own house then there may be no manglik dosh and if 9th residence is strong then the impact of planet mars located in the eighth and 7th house is canceled.

Manglik Dosh characteristics

  • Both people can have Manglik dosh of their beginning chart humans with malefic Mars can also have unwell-mood as it suggests aggression because of the fiery image human beings want to channelize his/her energy in order keep away from destruction.
  • It causes late marriage
  • It reasons anxiety and once in a while conflict in marriage
  • If mangliks marry every different, it is supposed to lower or nullify it unwell-effect
  • It is believed that who has mistreated their accomplice of their previous beginning have mangal dosh of their Kundli Matching cases while mars creates hassle aside from demise

Remedies to overcome the bad effect of Mangal Dosh after marriage

  • Fasting on Tuesdays may be useful to get rid of poor results of Mangal Dosh and best Toor Dal is eaten throughout fast.
    Chanting of Navagrah mantras, or hanuman Chalisa also can be useful on Tuesdays to get rid of the mangal dosh. In fact chanting of Gayatri mantra for 108 times a day can bring about pacifying this dosh
  • Mangal is associated with Lord Hanuman, a god of Martian nature. The offering of knives, wheat bread, crimson silk, red, stone, and the sword can please Lord Mangal to cast off this dosh.
    non secular puja or navagraj pooja on the Navagrah temple can assist in lowering this effect after marriage. however, there are very fewer temples in India committed to the Lord Magal
  • Tuesday is the day of Lord Hanuman, as a result imparting vermillion, ghee lamp, and goodies can please Lords hanuman and might assist in a release from this dosh. this may best be accomplished the male.
    gem stones related to planet Mars also can assist in relieving from Mangal dosh. red Coral within the gold ring may be worn on the coronary heart finger to fight negativity of Magal Dosh.
  • Above noted are the treatments for Mangal dosh to steer a peaceful and prosperous existence. presenting certain prayers, chanting mantras, and donating numerous matters can overcome this impact but this need to be done under the steerage of an professional astrologer.
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What is Kalsarp Dosh in Kundali? Its Effects and Remedies!

if you are stricken by limitless issues on your life, then might be you’re affected by the atrocious Kalsarp Dosh. The life of this dosh now not most effective results in intricacies in janam kundali matching for marriage but additionally hampers the general kundli horoscope. but with the guide of our professional kundli maker and astrologers, and next few simple treatments it’s miles possible to combat the fatalness of this dosh. So, before you jot down the remedies to have a marriage kundli free from this dosh, first study the whole thing approximately it to know that whether you genuinely have this dosh or no longer.

kalsarp dosh

A Janam Kundli is assumed to have kalsarp dosh while the seven planets settle among the 2 deadly planets, Rahu and Ketu. A entire Kalsarp dosh exists whilst 1/2 of the kundli horoscope is conquered through the planets. If there’s even one unmarried planet that settles out of doors the axis of Rahu and Ketu, then a kundli is taken into consideration loose from this dosh.

The kundli maker considers it as one of the most malefic dosh because it brings limitless headaches and issues to someone’s lifestyles. The common time frame of Kalsarp dosh in a janam kundli is round 47 years, which may additionally vary depending at the kundli prediction.

Kalsarp Dosh – The results

Someone having Kalsarp yog in his kundli horoscope suffers plenty of agonies and troubles during his route of lifestyles. notwithstanding his hard work, willpower, and devotion, he isn’t capable of obtain what he desires. a number of the fundamental outcomes of this dosh are:

Kalsarp Dosh – The types

Relying on the position of the planets in janam kundli among Rahu and Ketu, the Kalsarp Dosh is labeled beneath 12 differing types.

Anant Yog
It occurs whilst the Ketu is in 7th house and Rahu in Lagna. The man or woman with this dosh studies masses of problems in his expert and married existence. he is centered with the aid of numerous conspiracies and lacks intellectual peace.

Kulika Yog
in case your janam kundli homes Rahu in second residence and Ketu in eighth residence, then you will be afflicted by this trouble. It reasons numerous troubles associated with fitness, budget, education, and marriage.

Shankpal Yog
The presence of Rahu in 4th residence and Ketu in tenth residence within the kundli astrology confirms this kalsarp dosh. a person may experience success in his career but will usually lack wholesome family relationships. He can get related to terrible organisation and revel in troubles in home lifestyles.

Vasuki Yog
when Ketu is in ninth residence, and Rahu is in third residence of the janam kundli, then a person lacks self-confidence. a person studies sudden losses and gains in his lifestyles and is at risk of have horrific relationships with his circle of relatives members, or even kids.

Takshak Yog
If the online kundli generator confirms the presence of all of the planets on the axis with Rahu in seventh residence and Ketu within the 1st residence, then this yog occurs. It results in conflicts in marriage, wastage of money, or even divorce.

Padm Yog
consistent with the kundli prediction via skilled astrologers, this yog occurs while Rahu settles in fifth residence and Ketu in 11th residence of the janam kundli. It outcomes in issues in conceiving a infant and even issues in finance, career, love, and training. If it combines with proper planets, then the negatives may become positives.

Mahapadam Yog
If the kundli maker confirms the life of Rahu in 6th residence and Ketu in twelfth residence, then there be a big advantage of energy and professional fulfillment. but a person suffers from regular health, criminal troubles, and is a first-rate goal for enemies.

Karkotak Yog
when Ketu exists in second house and Rahu in eighth house of the janam kundli, then it outcomes in late or conflicted marriage. additionally, a person faces severa family, health, and social troubles.

Ghatak Yog
while Rahu rests in 10th and Ketu in 4th house, then there is a large achievement inside the profession but lots of issues from the government and felony government.

Sheshnag Yog
whilst Ketu is in 6th house and Rahu in 12th house of the kundli horoscope, then someone experiences plenty of problems at the financial the front.


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How important it is to get married in an auspicious date?

In Indian way of life, marriage holds a totally important and an vital issue in one’s life. it may be organized or love marriage. considering it is the high focus in one’s lifestyles, it becomes all the greater crucial to get married on a lucky or auspicious date for fulfillment and boom between the bride and the groom.

In Vedic or Hindu’s customs, it’s miles called Shubh Muhurat. based totally on astrology there are certain Nakshatra, Tithi, day and time taken into consideration favourable for a wedding to happen.

Favourable dates and time for marriage are few of the focuses at the time of Kundali Milan or horoscope matching. it is believed that if the dates are auspicious then couple tying knot in holy matrimony nothing ought to pass incorrect. those dates and times are commonly finished by using the astrologers or Pandits based totally on person beginning chart.

Now, to examine deeper there are best 11 stars or Nakshatra amongst 28 are favourable for the holy rite to show up. The maximum auspicious days are all through the Navratris and Akshaya Tritiya which commence in October or November every 12 months for determining marriage in Indian Vedic customs. There also are some unfavourable dates or time when normally marriage should now not take location like Shukra or Guru (Jupiter) in combustion is ashub and should be averted completely in Vedic astrology. further to this it is said that the primary quarter of the Magha month and the remaining sector of Revati are considered to be now not very promising period for the matrimony to manifest.

Many astrologers agree with Kundli Software as it will no longer make the wedding glad and easy. normally dates & time of marriage might also differ from character to person as well area to region. every 12 months tithi or time of marriage maintains converting and it is able to be recognised by means of consulting an experienced astrologer or Pandit based on the birth chart.

Properly, just as the venue and menu is crucial for a marriage, it is similarly critical for the holy rite to take place on the time in order to have good impact on the marriage. it’s miles related to the Hindu notion that it’s far a person’s obligatory duty upon earth to get married, produce kids, and make certain continuation of the circle of relatives lineage and long life to the wedding.

As per Vedic time Vivaha (marriage) among humans is a holy relationship that does not restriction to his or her life on my own however an extension to greater lives related to every different. it’s miles stated to be the Karmic connection between two souls. for the duration of this extension, it’s miles very vital to recognize each other’s stars and the date that allows you to be accurate for the bride and groom to grow spiritually, financially and of route the top romantically.

Dates & Time play function in many ways, few are:

* Karmic connection between souls, how it’ll guide every different in life.

* Tithi determines the relationship physical and mental compatibility.

* Extension in their own family and non secular boom for each other.

* period of the wedding i.e how lengthy will the wedding ultimate or there can be any possibilities of separation.

* Will the bride and groom settle together in one area or regardless of of tying knots they will be residing at distance.

* Will both circle of relatives get united fortunately or their may be constant fiction.

*Dates frequently assist to construct trust into the marriage.

* show admire by paying attention to every different’s need and goals.

*admire every different’s ambitions and paintings jointly toward success.

* Sexual compatibility and health of the bride & grrom.

Apart from these even after decade of marriage there can be marital problem located as an example if the wedding is taking location on dates like 4th,13th,22ndand 31st the sum total of the wedding date come to range four. Couple married underneath this date will constantly face financial troubles during their lives, they may always combat with each different to an aspect of getting separated.

Similarly there are numerous motive with every numbers like 5th,eighth also are associated with adverse dates for a marriage to be satisfied and durable .

Any other component, is Days. Even days are considered via the Astrologers on the time of fixing the marriage date or the muhurat ,like Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are considered to be very plenty beneficial for tying knots.

In view of the identical its recommended to seek advice from experienced astrologer to find the most lucky date & lagnas (time) for the couple to get united in a holy rite. each person has their very own time & date which the couple have to observe so one can have a loving and lasting married lifestyles. irrespective of how boost we grow to be Time (wqat) will constantly play a function in shaping our lives .

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